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single bowl drop in sink

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  • Single Drop in Kitchen Sinks
    China single drop-in kitchen sinks also called an overmount kitchen sink or self-rimming sink, is the most common type of commercial restaurant sinks. A single basin drop in the kitchen sink has a visible lip around its perimeter that rests flat on the countertop. The sink basin drops straight into the countertop cut-out, and the perimeter lip holds everything in place.
  • China Kitchen Drop in Sink
    China kitchen drop-in sink is also known as overmount kitchen sinks stainless steel. These single bowl drop-in sinks were designed to “drop” into the hole that is specifically sized and cut out of a countertop. The rim of the sink rests on the top of the countertop. This sink is one of the most traditional designs of sinks you will see.
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks Top Mount Single Bowl
    A China stainless steel kitchen sinks top mount double bowl is a sink that drops into a precut hole in the countertop. Also known as a top-mount, over-mount, or self-rimming sink, it has a rim that sits on the countertop and supports the weight of the sink. It can be used on any bathroom vanity, kitchen counter, or bar that is structurally able to support its weight, which can be considerable if it's made of heavy material, such as porcelain or cast iron.
  • Overmount Kitchen Sinks Stainless Steel
    China overmount kitchen sinks stainless steel are handcrafted from high-quality T304 stainless steel with gently sloped bottom and creased channel grooves that allow for superior drainage. Comes paired with a commercial-style pull-down faucet with 20-inch reach for a cohesive look and optimum efficiency.
  • China Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks
    China stainless steel kitchen sinks are known for outstanding quality. They are designed with straight walls and tight-radius corners to create a contemporary look in any kitchen. Built to impress with rugged T304 construction, wear-resistant finish, and industry-best noise defend soundproofing technology, these China stainless steel kitchen sinks are designed to handle the toughest messes.
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