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Automatic Hand Dryer

Automatic hand dryers are made to be an efficient alternative to towels, paper, and others. It requires a combination of the air pressure and the warmth of the air being used to effectively dry one's hands. How warm the air from the hand dryer needs to depend on the room it is in. The warmer the room temperature, the less warm the air needs to be from the hand dryer. The cooler the room, the hotter the air needs to be. The bathroom hand dryers can adjust the temperature of the air it uses based on the room's temperature. This will save a bundle in electricity while still giving a dry result.

As famous hand dryer manufacturers in China, Shionp automatic hand dryers are manufactured from tough stainless steel and high-quality plastics for extra durability and are nice and compact so they’re easy to install. They are also designed for extra comfort, able to dry hands within seconds at an air temperature of 15 degrees. Moreover, wall mounted hand dryers have longer-lasting performance to prevent the spread of bacteria and to be eco-friendly so waste less paper. It is ideal for "high" traffic areas such as hotels, restaurants, schools, health clubs, theaters, etc.

The Advantages of the Automatic Hand Dryers

● Super durable and easy to clean 

● Sturdy, vandal-proof design with one-piece steel or cast iron cover

● The chrome-plated nozzle rotates 360° for hand and face drying

● Enhances the eco-friendliness and cleanliness of your restroom 

● Relatively quiet noise level at 70dB (about as loud as a vacuum cleaner)

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