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Ice cube crusher

An ice cube crusher is commercial kitchen equipment. It saves the effort and trouble of having to crush ice by hand when hosting a party, garnishing seafood, or preparing cocktails. Treat your guests to a wonderful snow cone or fancy cocktail with Shionp ice cube crusher machine. Featuring an electric motor, a commercial crushed ice machine will make easy work of the ice with minimal effort. Simply plug in, add ice cubes, and press the handle for hassle-free shaved ice. Designed for countertop use, the sleek and classic ice cube crusher machine can be a permanent fixture in your kitchen or bar, providing you with shaved ice reminiscent of tropical vacations and summer holidays.

Shionp electric ice crusher machine is made with a stainless steel blade that is durable and is resistant to wear and corrosion. It contains an ice chute having a design of a funnel, making the procedure of putting ice convenient procedure for you. The ice cube crusher machine’s construction is durable. It has an on/off button switch is placed at the front of this crusher for simple operation. The electric ice crusher machine is great for the kitchen, boat, RV, gathering, or party. 

The Advantages of Ice Cube Crusher

● Easily and quickly shave ice into a tiny one

● Can meet large demands easily

● Made of high-class materials with exquisite treatment

● Built with food-grade corrosion-free stainless steel hopper and blade

● Water-resistant on/off switch for convenience and peace of mind

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