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Stainless steel coffee urn

A stainless steel coffee urn is a large coffee maker, capable of not only brewing coffee in large quantities but also keeping coffee warm for long periods. The commercial insulated coffee urn is just excellent to use when you have a reasonably large group of people to cater for. Whether you’re after the best coffee maker for large groups, like at a family get together, a wedding or your weekly community group, or even the best commercial coffee maker to have at your workplace for a large conference or work function.

Unlike a coffee pot or carafe, which both still require some effort from you in brewing the coffee, using stainless steel coffee urn to make coffee is pretty effortless. For most stainless coffee urns, you just fill it up with water, put the brewing basket in place, add the coffee grounds, close the lid and turn it on.  Then voila, once the indicator light is on, you have freshly brewed coffee for your large group. Built of quality stainless steel single wall body and drip-free spout to eliminate any mess on your table our countertop. This big coffee urn dispenser is ideal for offices, parties, a buffet line, or other spaces where you need lots of coffee! 

The Advantages of Stainless Steel Coffee Urn

● Big capacity, great for parties and office kitchens

● Professional quality polished stainless steel single body coffee urn with heat resistant base and handles

● Brushed aluminum finish prevents fingerprints

● Cool-to-touch handles

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