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Food heating lamp

In the food service industry, commercial food warming lamps are the essential items needed. Not only does it stop your customers’ food from getting cold while you’re waiting to complete their table, but it keeps it at a safe temperature, which is paramount for health and safety requirements. Eateries that offer buffets also use buffet heat lamps. If you are serving significant quantities of food, it’s crucial to keep it warm and at a stable temperature at all times. The commercial food warming lamps can offer that stability.

Keep prepared dishes warm and presentable with Shionp commercial food warming lamps. This item is most practical for presentation and buffet settings, where food is exposed and will need additional protection from fast spoilage. It also helps make food more appetizing and attractive. This restaurant food warmer heat lamp is suited for maintaining warm french fries, tater tots, and other fast foods. It can be used for food court restaurants, convenience stores, and buffet cafeterias. The commercial food warming lamps boast a heavy base that stands freely for optimal versatility. It has an aluminum frame constructor with a silver finish that matches almost any table setting.

The Advantages of Food Heating Lamp

● Adjustable arm for a variety of heat settings 

● Temperature limiter for safety

● Spun aluminum shades with flared rims for enhanced heat distribution 

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