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chafer stainless chafing dish

chafer stainless chafing dish-SHIONP
  • Chafing Dish Catering
    Combining the strength of stainless steel with the beauty of gold, this rectangular chafer is designed for everyday use at your finest catered events. Its universal size ensures it can accommodate the included food pan, water pan, and chafing dish cover, as well as any other full-size universal equivalents.
  • All Clad Rectangular Chafing Dish
    The all clad rectangular chafing dish is a portable apparatus that keeps food warm. It is not used to cook food but to present and serve warm food. It is an affordable and convenient way to keep your food warm for as long as two to six hours. With its 8 quart capacity, all clad rectangular chafing dish is spacious enough to meet everyone’s needs and it is also 2.5 inches deep. The dripless water pan, tight-fitting dome lid, and two sterno fuel holders boost its efficiency. The all clad rectangular chafing dish is easy to use and affordable.
  • China Round Roll Top Chafing Dish
    With the China round roll top chafing dish, your guests always have one hand free. China round roll top chafing dish glide open silently and leave your hands free to fill your buffet plate. Even when heating elements are used, special wiring ensures that the lid opens easily, and heat-insulating handles guarantee comfort and safety. A condensation recirculating system prevents unsightly puddles from forming on the buffet table.
  • China Round Chafing Dish Set
    China round chafing dish set is a functional and attractive way to keep a whole assortment of foods warm at weddings, restaurants, catered events, cruises, and other food venues. China round chafing dish set can even be used to serve foods directly on the table so guests can serve themselves. Shop our selection of round chafing dishes in sizes ranging from 4 to 8 quarts crafted from stainless steel, with gold accents, brass accents, and other enhancements, with a roll-top or lift-off covers for your food venue.
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