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Steps to Replace the Undermount Sink

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Most home kitchen sinks will use undermount basins, which are used relatively frequently, so some problems will occur after long-term use, which will have a lot of impact on home life. For example, what should I do if the kitchen sink is about to fall? How do we replace it, let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge immediately?


1. Bracket

Generally speaking, the weight of the under-mount basin itself is heavier, so when replacing it, try to customize a bracket according to the size of the under-table to play a supporting role.

2. Distance

Then fix the bracket to the wall. Then determine the size of the under-table, measure the vertical distance between the under-mount basin and the table, and the data obtained is the lowest point of the bracket in the horizontal direction of the wall.

3. Punching on the countertop

Start to make holes in the countertop. If the first hole does not fit perfectly, and the hole still has edges and corners, you need to continue grinding until it is rounded. You can use sandpaper to round, try not to appear damaged. If it is damaged accidentally, in order not to affect the flatness of the surface, you can use glue to stick it in the damaged position.

4. Punching the stone board

Perform the drilling operation of the lower slate. First, find out the stone with the material of the countertop to make the lower splint. Then start to drill holes for the slab, the operation is the same as step 3. The stone slab is used to cover the sink from the bottom up, so the hole is slightly smaller than the hole on the countertop, just covering the sink.

5. Fixed

The corners of the stone slab should be polished directly according to the corners and shape of the sink, and then the surface should be cleaned. Finally, glue the under-mount basin to the countertop. Set the stone slab from bottom to top, and then buckle the bottom of the table between the brackets. Use marble glue to glue the under-mount basin and the countertop firmly. It is very important to fix it firmly, otherwise, it is very likely that the under-mount basin will fall off again.


What I have introduced above is a countertop that is more suitable for marble or quartz stone. If it is a stainless steel countertop, it is best to hire a professional installer to weld the countertop basin together. In fact, it is relatively simple to replace the kitchen undermount sink, and novices can also operate it. But pay special attention during operation. If the details are not handled properly, problems such as water leakage and water seepage are likely to occur. If you feel unsure, it is recommended to ask a professional to perform the operation to avoid greater trouble due to operating errors.

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