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Round Roll Top Chafing Dish

Round roll top chafing dish is ideal for your banquet, catered event, or hotel foodservice operation. Round roll top chafing dish is capable of heating dips, appetizers, vegetable and meat dishes, desserts, and more. The tight-fitting dome-shaped lid along with its leak-proof design entraps the heat inside the vessel and keeps food warm. The round roll top chafing dish allows for the individual service for customers, perfect to limit the amount of employees needed to serve customers. Our round roll top chafing dish is perfect for any buffet, catering event, or banquet hall, where the food layout is self-serve.
  • SC1206

  • 7321110000

  • Ningbo, China

  • 3000PCS/Year

  • L/C, T/T, Western Union

  • by Carton

  • SC1206

  • no

  • Zhejiang

  • 7321110000

  • Warm Equipment

  • Stainless Steel

  • Copper Coated

  • Catering

  • by Carton

  • 470*430*340mm

Product Description

Round roll top chafing dish is a functional and attractive way to keep a whole assortment of foods warm at weddings, restaurants, catered events, cruises, and other food venues. Round roll top chafing dish can even be used to serve foods directly on the table so guests can serve themselves. Shop our selection of round chafing dishes in sizes ranging from 4 to 8 quarts crafted from stainless steel, with gold accents, brass accents, and other enhancements, with a roll-top or lift-off covers for your food venue.

What should I use to heat my chafing dishs?

Chafing dishes can be heated by chafing fuel, induction, or an electric warmer. Though the most economical option is chafing fuel, it requires more active attention and labor because it operates using an open flame, and there are several types of fuel to choose from. Induction warmers are pricier but able to heat up the food within the chafer while staying cool to the touch on the surface, increasing operator safety. The safety benefit of electric warmers is they do not have an exposed flame, so they are ideal for use in venues with restrictions on open flames.

What should I consider when selecting buffet chafing dishes?

There are a few key aspects to keep in mind when deciding which chafing dishes are right for your buffet or catered event, including how much room is available, what you'll be serving, and whether guests will serve themselves.

Chafing dishes are available in a number of sizes, enabling you to keep a variety of food, sides, and other meal components warm. Small catering chafers, for instance, maybe the best choice for holding sauces, toppings, and rolls at the end of the serving line, while full-size models are ideal for accommodating chicken, pork, lasagna, and other entrée options. Full-size chafing dishes are usually rectangular and hold 8 to 9 quarts of food. Typically, they are used to hold and serve entrees, though they can house two smaller food pans to serve multiple types of products. Two-thirds size chafing dishes hold 5 to 6 quarts of food and are commonly square or round. Half-size chafing dishes are normally rectangular or square and are one of the smallest kinds of chafing dishes, as their 4- and 5-quart capacities are ideal for serving side dishes and appetizers.

Round Induction Chafer with Copper Plated

Description of Round stainless steel chafing dishes w/ copper plated
material:stainless steel &Brass
carton size:590*555*400mm
packing:high quality carton,use foam board to protect the products

Easy to operate and cleaning.
Luxury design copper plated chafing dish can keep food warm. It is good sell for five star hotel.
Lid can be stopped at any position

Made of stainless steel, this chafer has unbeatable durability, corrosion resistance, and requires very little maintenance. Its construction also distributes heat evenly to keep hot food items warm throughout the entire length of your event.

Each chafer features a highly-polished mirror finish that will shimmer in the ambient lighting of your venue. With its high quality finish, this chafer will add to the presentation value of any of the sides or entrees that you are serving!

With its broad, round shape, this chafer provides a 360 degree serving area that allows enough room to serve a single dish from both sides of a buffet table. Plus, it enables guests to serve themselves and eliminates the need for waitstaff or table service

Round Induction Chafer with Copper Plated

Round Induction Chafer with Copper Plated


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