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stainless steel mesh grease filters

stainless steel mesh grease filters-SHIONP
  • China Restaurant Hood Filters
    China restaurant hood filters are the standard type of grease filter for all commercial cooking hoods. They reduce dramatically the risk of fire by eliminating the direct passage of flame and grease through the filter. The grease is not held in the filter but allowed to drain into the trough below which also makes the filterless air restrictive so the cooking hood can vent properly.
  • Range Hood Aluminum Mesh Filter
    The range hood aluminum mesh filter should fit the exhaust with no gaps or spaces between them to prevent grease and debris from passing through. It may be helpful to have a local professional test your system and adjust the settings correctly to avoid turning the exhaust fan up too high. This is to prevent your filters from getting sucked up into the hood. These range hood aluminum mesh filters come in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions and can be made from high-quality stainless steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum.
  • Aluminium Grease Filter Mesh
    Using aluminum grease filter mesh in your kitchen hood is recognized internationally as best practice. The design of aluminum grease filter mesh does not allow a build-up of grease to occur on the face of the filter allowing for a constant level of airflow through your kitchen hood while at the same time stainless steel baffle filters provide a positive flame barrier to the open flames below. Installing aluminum grease filter mesh will save your business money, the solid open design of the filters allow your staff to clean them on site. You will no longer need to pay for a filter cleaning business to come in and exchange your filters on a regular basis.
  • Metal Cooker Hood Mesh Grease Filter
    While the most important function of a metal cooker hood mesh grease filter is to prevent fire hazards and adhere to fire, health, and safety codes, they are also beneficial to utility costs, kitchen cleanliness, and the exhaust system itself by easing the strain on the motor. The metal cooker hood mesh grease filter also keeps the air properly filtered and sanitized, which results in a cooler kitchen and a healthier breathing environment. In addition, it removes odor build-up that could give your kitchen a stale smell.
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