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Daily Maintenance of Commercial Kitchen Sink Part2

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The commercial kitchen sink is used daily for washing dishes and vegetables. However, how to maintain it daily?

1. For newly purchased commercial restaurant sinks, you can apply a layer of animal’s raw or virgin grease on the surface, and try to isolate the surface of the sink from contact with corrosive substances.

2. Be careful not to pour wastewater into the sink when braking crabs and do not use cleaning products containing chlorine, such as bleach to clean the sink. If the melt containing silver detergent or sulfur, hydrochloric acid, photographic chemicals, or solder falls into the sink, rinse it off with water immediately.

3. If there is no food waste processor installed in the home, a water filter should be placed at the water outlet. This will facilitate the cleaning of vegetable residues and avoid clogging the sewer pipes.

4. Properly adjust the position of the tap of the faucet, the unitary ginseng shower or cover can prevent water from splashing and facilitate future cleaning.

5. Frequent cleaning. Use the sink more frequently every day, so there will be more dirt deposited in the sink, so the commercial dishwashing sink should be cleaned regularly, and it can be cleaned with mild detergent and rinsed with water from time to time. But be careful not to use steel wire, scouring wire, abrasive materials to scrub the sink, which will damage the sink. In addition, do not let the water tank be filled with water for a long time, as this will cause the minerals in the water to deposit to the bottom and cling to the bottom of the water tank, making it difficult to clean. If you really encounter this situation, you can use a low-concentration vinegar solution to remove this kind of deposits, and finally, wash it off completely with water.

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6. Do not use the sink as a cutting board, which will affect the life. Don't cut things in the professional kitchen sink. The sink is not a cutting board. This will cause serious physical damage to the sink and have a great impact on the life of the sink. In addition, do not rub on other sharp objects and iron wires. 

7. Salt and chlorine will corrode the water tank, so control the time. When washing some salt-rich foods such as kimchi and mayonnaise, control the time and do not stay in the sink for too long. Salt will also strongly corrode the sink material. Household products, bleach, or food containing chlorine can also damage the sink and seriously affect the service life of the sink.


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