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China Rectangular Chafing Dish

China rectangular chafing dishes are useful devices that can help you to keep your prepared food warm. Designed for restaurateurs, caterers, or anyone planning a large buffet-style event, China rectangular chafing dish will ensure your food stays warm while displaying it elegantly for guests. Our selection includes models suitable for both home and professional use in a variety of styles to complement just about any occasion and at prices that will meet any budget.
  • SC1103
  • Ningbo, China
  • 10000sets
  • L/C, T/T
  • by Carton
  • SC1103
  • One Piece One Carton
  • 640*350*320mm
  • Zhejiang
  • High Quality Stainless Steel
  • CE/EU
  • 635*380*180mm
  • Mirror Polished
  • Leg Can Be Folded
  • High Quality Carton/Color Box

Product Description

China rectangular chafing dish is ideal for your banquet, catered event, or hotel foodservice operation. China rectangular chafing dishes give a professional and sophisticated presentation while ensuring food-safe temperatures. By encouraging guest self-service, chafing dishes and beverage urns can help lower labor costs. Shionp has a variety of styles and options to match your needs. Wanting that new dish to help with serving hot style meals at dinner parties or the perfect one to complete your catering set, well look no further than this China rectangular chafing dish! 

The advantages of China rectangular chafing dish

● Spacious enough to serve large batches of food

● Can be used as a warming tray

● Durable construction

● Efficient and user friendly

● Easy to clean

● Features leak-proof design

● Lightweight and portable

● Sturdy but lightweight

● Keeps the food warm without changing its flavor

What should I consider when selecting buffet chafing dishes?

There are a few key aspects to keep in mind when deciding which chafing dishes are right for your buffet or catered event, including how much room is available, what you'll be serving, and whether guests will serve themselves.

Chafing dishes are available in a number of sizes, enabling you to keep a variety of food, sides, and other meal components warm. Small catering chafers, for instance, maybe the best choice for holding sauces, toppings, and rolls at the end of the serving line, while full-size models are ideal for accommodating chicken, pork, lasagna, and other entrée options. Full-size chafing dishes are usually rectangular and hold 8 to 9 quarts of food. Typically, they are used to hold and serve entrees, though they can house two smaller food pans to serve multiple types of products. Two-thirds size chafing dishes hold 5 to 6 quarts of food and are commonly square or round. Half-size chafing dishes are normally rectangular or square and are one of the smallest kinds of chafing dishes, as their 4- and 5-quart capacities are ideal for serving side dishes and appetizers.

Stainless Steel Economy Full Size Chafing Dish
Stainless Steel Economy Full Size Chafing Dish
Stainless Steel Economy Full Size Chafing Dish
Description of 8 QT legs folded economy chafing dish
material:high quality stainless steel
carton size:635*380*180
Lid was mirror polished

Feature of the 9Qt economy chafing dishs

Name of primary partsMaterialthinknessQuality
water pan2010.6mm1
food pan4300.6mm1
sterno holders4300.6mm1
fuel holder4300.6mm2


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