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What to Pay Attention to When Installing a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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In addition to the quality and workmanship of the sink itself, the installation of the stainless steel kitchen sink must also consider the installation method of the sink, the faucet, and the installation of the water purifier and garbage disposer under the sink. So what do you pay attention to when installing a commercial dishwashing sink? What is the difference between an above counter basin and an under-counter basin? Let us take a look at the precautions for installing a professional commercial kitchen sink.

1. What is the difference between the kitchen sink above counter basin and under-counter basin?

Kitchen sinks are the most common and simplest above counter basin installation. The opening size of the countertop is generally slightly smaller than the size of the sink so that the sink can be placed on the countertop, and then a circle of glass glue can be applied around it. The installation is the easiest, but it is not convenient to clean the countertop in future use, and the glass glue is prone to mold and black after a long time.

Under-counter basin installation is based on the opening of the above counter basin. The periphery of the opening is polished down to a layer so that after the sink is placed on the countertop, the edge of the sink just fits into the countertop and is flush with the countertop. This installation method is time-consuming to polish, and the dimensions must be accurate. It is also best to reinforce it under the countertop.

There are also two ways to install the under-counter basin. One is to make a hole slightly smaller on the outer edge of the sink; the other is to make a hole directly on the inner edge of the sink, and then the faucet is to make a hole on the countertop. This effect is more refreshing. Glue the sink from the bottom of the countertop, and then glue it with a buckle or stone. The advantage of this installation is that water and debris on the countertop can be easily swept into the sink, which is very convenient to clean. Installation is more troublesome. Generally, the commercial dishwashing sink needs to be sent to the cabinet factory for bonding during the cabinet customization process, and an additional under counter basin installation fee is required.

Several installation methods also need to pay attention to the edge shape of the sink in the process of selecting the sink. The installation of the counter basin and the under-counter basin is suitable for sinks with flat and wide edges, while the installation of the above counter basins is generally acceptable.

professional kitchen sink

2. Ordinary faucet and pull faucet

The advantage of the pull-out faucet is that the water can be put into every corner of the sink, and it can even be pulled out to fill the container on the countertop. Especially when cleaning sinks and countertops is very practical.

3. Single basin or double basin sinks

A small-size sink is better than a menu tank. If it is a large-size sink, then single and double tanks can be selected according to your lifestyle.

A single-slot wok can be completely put down a wok with a handle (basically with a handle-less than 60 cm in length), a large double-slot wok can also be put down (not necessarily flat), and it is easy to wash with a pull-out faucet. Double tanks can wash greasy ones on one side, and wash clean on the other, or drain while storing water.

4. Water purifier or garbage disposer

If you want to install a water purifier or a garbage disposer under the sink, you must reserve the sockets in advance. Some netizens reminded you to reserve at least 3 sockets for spare. It is necessary to be optimistic about the size in advance. The drainage system under some sinks is more complicated and takes up a lot of space. For example, the space under the Fangtai dishwashing sink is crowded. Although garbage disposers and water purifiers can also be installed, there are certain restrictions on the size.

The soap dispenser is a relatively tasteless thing. It looks very useful, but it is not very practical. Most people don't use it after using it twice. Therefore, the hole of the soap dispenser is just reserved for the clean water tap. Of course, if you want to use a soap dispenser and a water purifier, there is no problem. Now the faucet has a dual-purpose one. One faucet and two switches can switch between tap water and water purification.

5. Waterproof aluminum foil

Water-proof aluminum foil is generally added under the sink cabinet. Although most stainless steel sinks now have anti-condensation coating, it is always right to add insurance just in case. Some netizens reminded you that you can buy the aluminum foil yourself to save money. It would be a cost to let custom cabinet stickers.

6. Dishwashing sink

When we organized a group purchase, more and more people bought the dishwashing sink. Compared with the traditional large dishwasher, the disadvantage of the sink dishwasher is that it has a small capacity and cannot wash large pots. The advantage is also that the capacity is small and does not take up space, and it can be washed with one meal. Compared with the large-scale dishwasher, which works for 2 hours at a time, the sink dishwasher only takes half an hour. Besides, it can also wash seafood and fruits. These are all considered in advance in the design stage as far as possible because it involves the retention of water and electricity, water supply, and so on.


basic kitchen faucet

Besides, some netizens reminded that if possible, a spare floor drain should be left in the kitchen just in case. If the hose under the sink breaks, no one is at home and the water will overflow. I have heard of this kind of thing, but the probability is really small.


The above is the specific information about what to pay attention to when installing kitchen sinks and what is the difference between the above and under-counter basins. The kitchen sink is one of the most frequently used kitchen equipment in the kitchen, and there are more water splashes, so the wall should be waterproofed.

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