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China Baffle Filters Stainless

The China baffle grease filter offers a more appealing appearance than the galvanized option, while still offering a cost-effective solution. The China baffle grease filter offers a smooth, seamless surface that allows grease to run into hood collection troughs, allowing for safe, dependable, positive flame barrier protection. The baffle filters stainless provide long-lasting tough performance and outstanding corrosion resistance. They may be used in a kitchen that offers visibility to guests.
  • SBF-502
  • 8421999000
  • Ningbo, China
  • 50000PCS/Year
  • T/T, Western Union
  • by Carton
  • SBF-502
  • 490(a)*390(B)*50mm
  • no
  • by Carton
  • Zhejiang
  • 8421999000
  • Metal
  • Single
  • Grease Filter
  • Perforated Metal Mesh
  • Line
  • Double Layers

Product Description

The Shionp China baffle grease filter are made from a unique roll formed baffle, designed to prevent flames from penetrating through the filter into the ductwork. Two layers of equally spaced baffles create an air-flow, which gives an unsurpassed performance in efficient grease removal. Smooth baffle surfaces cause a continuous run-off, allowing grease to be safely deposited in collection troughs. When installed properly, they safely guard the exhaust vents to keep flames or flammable debris from entering the ducts, and they capture grease vapors and particles to prevent them from building up in the ventilation system.

Cleaning of China baffle grease filter

1. Remove the filters carefully. 

If there is a large amount of thick grease built upon and around the stainless steel grease filters, use a paint scraper to pry the filter out. Wear heavy-duty gloves at all times when handling the filters as the metal edges are sharp and can cut you.

2. Prepare your filter for cleaning. 

Lay the filters side-by-side, not stacked on top of each other, at a 45-degree angle against a sturdy surface (NOT on the side of a building, house, truck, or car!). This angle will allow the water to force the grease and cleaning chemicals off the filter and towards the ground, not back at you or onto the clean side of the filter.

3. Safely clean the grease filters. 

Clean stainless steel grease filters one by one and takes your time in doing it. Rushing through the job won’t ensure they get cleaned completely. Ensure you are using the appropriate pressure washer settings. Be sure you are using the appropriate cleaning chemicals as well. Regular dish soap won’t cut through this grease! You also need to remember that heavy-duty degreaser removes paint too, so be careful.

4. Keep filters clean as they dry. 

As you finish a power washing each filter, prop them up (don’t lay them flat on the ground) against a clean and dry surface with the filter blades horizontally to allow them to air dry.

5. Finish up. 

Pressure wash the area then squeegee excess water, but be sure you don’t destroy any property with a strong power washer.

Description of Stainless Steel Grease Filters:


Material:AISI 430/201/304 stainless steel

Features of Stainless Steel Grease Filters:

Structure: double layers, stainless steel groove.

Application: Used for kitchen and filtration system

Advantage : Large oil holding capacity, high temperature resistance ,durable

Details of Stainless Steel Grease Filters:
Rigid structure with double welding
Dishwasher washable
Standard sizes designed to fit most kitchen hoods
Filtering capacity:1.8m3/sec.(ref.501&503)

Other sizes and materials available on request

Stainless Steel Baffle Filters/ Grease Filter for Hotel Kitchen

Stainless Steel Baffle Filters/ Grease Filter for Hotel Kitchen
Stainless Steel Baffle Filters/ Grease Filter for Hotel Kitchen

Available size:


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