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Grease Baffle Hood Filters

The grease baffle hood filters are designed to prevent the flame from penetrating into the ductwork. They are constructed from heavy commercial aluminum on both the baffles and the frame. Even the rivets are aluminum. These grease baffle hood filters can be welded or riveted, while some specialty filters may be constructed differently to serve their specific purpose safely and efficiently.
  • SBF-502
  • Ningbo, China
  • 10000PCS/Month
  • L/C, T/T
  • by Carton
  • SBF-502
  • no
  • 10PCS Per Carton
  • 490*390*50mm
  • Zhejiang
  • 8421999090
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bunk
  • Oil Filter
  • Double Layers, Stainless Steel
  • Used for Kitchen and Filtration System
  • Large Oil Holding Capacity,High Temperature Resist

Product Description

The grease baffle hood filters are designed to remove grease and particulates from exhaust air streams. The most common grease removal filters currently in use are the baffle-type. Our grease baffle hood filters are made of galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.

When you cook on a stove or using other methods, smoke, steam, and grease are released into the air. The interlocking baffles of the filter channel this air by simultaneously forcing it in two different directions, passing it through the strategically placed vertical blades and causing the grease to naturally run downward and into the designated collection trays within the casing, sanitizing the air.

This prevents major fire hazards and is required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), International Fire Code (IFC), and insurance providers, and is heavily enforced by health inspectors and fire marshals. Mesh hood filters are no longer accepted or allowed under the newest fire codes, so be sure to find the right size and material baffled grease filter for your kitchen to comply with the current standards.

Stainless Steel Double Layers Baffle Filters

Stainless Steel Double Layers Baffle Filters
Stainless Steel Double Layers Baffle Filters
Stainless Steel Double Layers Baffle FiltersStainless Steel Double Layers Baffle Filters

Description of baffle filters:


Material:AISI 304 stainless steel

Features of baffle filters:

Structure: double layers, stainless steel groove.

Application: Used for kitchen and filtration system
Advantage : Large oil holding capacity, high temperature resistance ,durable

Details of baffle filters:
Rigid structure with double welding
Dishwasher washable
Standard sizes designed to fit most kitchen hoods
Filtering capacity:1.8m3/sec.(ref.501&503)
Other sizes and materials available on request


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