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Commercial Grease Filters

Designed for use in commercial kitchens, the Shionp made China commercial grease filters are manufactured from 430 grade mirror-finish stainless steel, with aerodynamically profiled baffle blades to ensure maximum airflow and grease removal. The commercial grease filters complete with lay-flat handles fitted to the shortest side and drain holes in top and bottom leading edges. We make these commercial grease filters in 1” and 2” thicknesses and in aluminum, galvanized steel and 2 grades of stainless steel offering you more choices than other companies so you can choose the right filter for your application and equipment.
  • SBF-503
  • 8421999000
  • Ningbo, China
  • 50000PCS/Year
  • T/T, Western Union
  • by Carton
  • SBF-503
  • no
  • by Carton
  • 395x495x45mm
  • Zhejiang
  • 8421999000
  • Metal
  • Single
  • Grease Filter
  • Perforated Metal Mesh
  • Line
  • Double Layers

Product Description

The China commercial grease filters consist of two layers of stainless steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel V-shaped baffles and fixed by sturdy frame with heavy rivets. The commercial grease filters can also be constructed with handles for easy removal. The handles are available in lock type handle, bail handle, and rigid handle. When the air goes through the V-baffle system, it undergoes a series of compression, expansions and pressure changes. The heavy grease is deposited safely and quickly on the baffles while the grease-free air passes through the filter and up to the exhaust duct. The baffle's smooth surface enables the collected grease to run off into collection troughs without dripping on food, utensils, or burner surfaces.

Feature of China commercial grease filters

● Rivet and rigid construction.

● Smooth and seamless surface.

● Fold-flat handles and grease drain holes.

● Corrosion resistance.

● Easier to use than mesh filter.

● Ideal for all kitchen canopies.

● Simple installation and maintenance.

● Cleaned in the dishwasher by soaking and spraying.

● Safe and durable.

The China commercial grease filters are designed to hold up through the toughest conditions. They are constructed from 304 stainless steel material formed to exact specifications. The filtering media consists of two layers of stainless steel roll-formed baffles, precisely designed to prevent the flame from penetrating the filters and as the grease-laden air passes through the filter collects the grease, allowing the grease to drain into through below. Shionp commercial grease filters are available in both stock and special sizes as well.

Description of China commercial grease filters:

1. Size: 395(A)*495(B)*45mm

2. Material: Aluminium

3. Structure: double layers

4. Application: Used for kitchen and filtration system

5. Advantage : Large oil holding capacity, high temperature resistance ,durable

Details of China commercial grease filters:

● Rigid structure with double welding
● Dishwasher washable
● Standard sizes designed to fit most kitchen hoods
● Filtering capacity:1.8m3/sec.(ref.501&503)

Other sizes and materials available on request

commercial kitchen extractor filters
grease filters commercial kitchens

Available size:
Aluminium American Style Baffle Filters


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